My Background

One day, as a wide-eyed 7-yr-old standing tip-toe at the Art Institute of Chicago with my nose inches from Seurat's magnificent sea of tiny painted dots on 'Sunday Afternoon sur la Grande Jatte', I felt the first inkling that I would grow up to be an artist.

Many years and several life chapters later, I decided to devote myself to that childhood wish in earnest and pursued a degree in studio art.  That solid foundation along with a steady momentum has propelled me in many exciting directions. I approach each fresh canvas as an opportunity to excel and as a privilege to share my passion for painting with those around me.

My Medium

I use a wide variety of media; oils, acrylics, drawing and collage. The layering of these different media creates an exciting interplay and gives a richness to the final result. 

My Inspiration

I equate inspiration with desire... that same desire I felt at seven years old is exactly what propels me into each painting.  Simply put, my inspiration comes from the teeming life both around and within me.  When the richness of reality mingles with imagination, it's magical.